Helena is currently performing with AlphaBet Soup’s Production of The Jungle Book.

Helena will be appearing at the newest host of Real Life 101, produced by the Television Syndication Company showing nationally this fall. Explore the newest season here.

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Recent Reviews

"Meanwhile, as young Edward, Helena Whittaker effortlessly embodies the mercurial and fervent moods of a young boy. In the second act ... Whittaker charmingly brings Betty's strength from the physical to the emotional." (Cloud 9 Review, Orlando Sentinel

"...when the burden of her professional and personal disappointments come to a head, Whittaker is effectively heartbreaking. At times she's forceful, she's alluring, and she's desperate, all of which results in the only truly authentic performance of the evening." (The Understudy Review, Broadway World)

"Helena Whittaker as Becky shows amazing depth as an actress. Her vulnerability and strength as a child is touching. As she grows, the character transforms from ugly duckling to beautiful swan on the outside and on the inside." (Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? Review, Broadway World)